Why Sealcoat?

Extends the Life
Asphalt that is properly sealcoated will last twice as long as unprotected asphalt.

Prevents Damage
Asphalt sealants protect against the highly damaging effects of gas, oil, and salt.

Prevents Sun-induced Oxidation
The sun dries out the tar and oils in asphalt surfaces breaking down the bond that holds the driveway together. This produces loose stones and leads to premature failure of the asphalt.

Prevents Moisture Absorption
The penetration of moisture into the asphalt creates cracking and heaving. Sealcoating provides a barrier for the porous asphalt to repel water.

Makes it Easier to Clean
The smooth surface of the sealed asphalt makes sweeping, snow removal and maintenance quick and easy.

Improves the Look
Sealcoating provides continuity in color throughout the entire driveway. This creates a more attractive view to the entrance of your home.


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